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Storyline: Trevor’s quest to uncover the truth about the shadowy figure from history leads him on the adventure of a lifetime!

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Story in Gossamer (poetry)

In gossamer gowns
We see straight away
Where death doth stalk
At close of the day

We see but a bit
In moments unkempt
And know hell has
For us much contempt

With morning shines forth
Brightness renewed
And speaks here not
Of demons subdued

With gossamer gowns
We speak but not in voice
Of our lives lived
That mirror your choice

Though heaven shines bright
It will not partake
Of lives below
That it they forsake

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —
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Updated Bio

From updated bio page at Amazon’s Author Central:

“Marty has entertained and encouraged people for years via books, on stage, in classrooms, and one-on-one. His writing ranges from fiction to poetry and from motivational to how-to.

What makes him an authority on anything, and why should you read him?

In 1990, Marty was homeless and living out of his truck. He came back from that through real estate. Then, the boom / bust in the early 2000s forced him to start over again.

Those experiences have given him insight into various markets and life in general. Despite the odds, he continues to overcome life’s challenges and turns them into successes!

To date, he has published more than 25 books.

We’re sure that some of them are just what you need to make your day even better! ”

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Lovers Lifted Into the Wind (poetry)

Two tormented souls
Clung to the past
And to each other
Trying to see the end
To their misery.
The darkness that surrounded
And the shelling
That would not let up
Seemed to deafen
All hope that tried to invade.
No intervention would come
And if they were to survive
They’d have to walk
Through the streets
In the midst
Of hell on earth.

They left their bunker of safety
And breached the night.
With sirens wailing
And bombs piercing the sky,
They went from alley to alley
Trying to escape.
Then they realized that
Only by walking down the main road
Would they get out
Of Dead Man’s Lane.

Looking into each other’s eyes,
They squeezed the other’s hand
And broke ranks from fear
That gripped at their hearts.
In an instant they were standing dead center
Of the Plaza Central.
It took a moment,
But the men shooting downward
Recognized the two.
Voices rang out,
And bullets stopped.

The two souls looked at each other
And knew they had made it.
In an instant, they were gone.
Like the night that had stretched out before them,
They disappeared into the wind,
And heaven lifted them home,
Tormented no more.

# # #
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Worry Into Hope

I write the words that come to mind and wonder if anyone will ever receive blessing from them.  I worry.  I worry about:

  • my children doing what they feel led to do
  • not having a house to live in
  • my wife dying
  • being broke
  • being a nobody
  • failing at everything I do

You may never worry about those things or may think they’re silly, but I’ve fought them in my mind.  So in that realm, they are real.

Demons chase us, and we chase demons – in our minds.  They leave us alone for a little bit, but always come back to dance on the doorstep between the soul and the mind.  They’ll leave us alone when we’re dead, but not before we’ve wasted life and breath on them.  They’ll pursue and trick us into believing we could keep them at bay, knowing full well that we couldn’t.  That’s part of what makes us embittered – knowing we’ve lost before we’ve begun.

Seeing our roots but not recognizing them is one of the greatest losses in the world.  The way that we live is dependent on what we think.  The road is tough at times, but we have to believe that it will get better, otherwise there is no use in going on – and to stop going on is to think selfishly about the continuance of our own lives and that of others.

Words cannot encapsulate the fears that we have at times, nor the emotions and depths of that pressure.  Yet, in the midst of all the swirling mess, we have to believe that life is worth living.  The judgment and hatred that others cast upon us is the least important that we receive or get thrown our way.  Because in the midst of that anger lies the love from others that shall overcome hatred and win today, tomorrow, and the next day.

Whenever we deny death another day, we have done well.  In due time, we shall bring before the Almighty the list of our accomplishments and hope for recognition in the midst of hatred.  When standing there in that moment, we can but hope that the heavenly favor we seek will present itself to us in a kind and benevolent way.

If we have not been negelectful in our dealings with others, then the truth of the moment will ring out for all to see.  The meanderings of our minds will not deny us from completing our purpose.  It will keep us from doing it well, though.

We need to meander at times, in order to enjoy the sunsets and better understand the world around us.  It’s when we cut ourselves off from others completely and only do the tasks before us in our minds that we cease to understand the beauty that persists even in the midst of death and betrayal.

Heaven belongs in our hearts if we will allow it entrance.  Seek not the purposes of the world, but only fix eyes on the eternal blessings that await us in the end.  Forever is a long time to try to understand and grasp, but that is the angle at which our perceptions should be set.

***   ***   ***
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And Hope Remains

According to ancient myths, Pandora opened a jar (sometimes translated as “box”) and as a result, released the evils of humanity.  Startled by what escaped, she quickly closed the lid, leaving Hope inside.

Side Note: Based on her other actions, she most likely opened the jar out of curiosity and not to be malicious.

Either way, what was done – was done.  There was no turning back the hands of time and reversing the deed.  Yet, Hope remained.

Yesterday, I was reminded of the same kind of thing.  I can’t return to earlier years and re-do anything.  Last time I checked, the present time continuum of the universe doesn’t grant “do-over” scenarios.  So, to wish I could go back and do things differently based on what I know now – only burns up precious resources through regrets, stress, and anger.

Instead, I will cling to hope and utilize the experiences of my past to better accept my path and to walk it well.

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Writer’s Block? Can’t Finish Writing Your Book?

Need help to finish writing your book?  Need some encouragement or a swift kick in the butt?

Send me an email explaining your situation, and I’ll be glad to encourage you, give you some pointers, and help you bring your book-writing efforts to completion.

Sure you can read stuff online, but sometimes you just need a personal conversation to get you unstuck from the mud!

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get your story idea or to steal it.  I already have so many storylines running through my head that I couldn’t write them all myself in two lifetimes!

In fact, I should probably hire some other ghostwriters and let them jam in the words.

So, why am I offering to help you finish your book?  I’m paying it forward.

Having successfully written, edited, and published 26 of my own books, I’m trying to repay people who encouraged me along the way by offering that encouragement to others who now need it.

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Dreaming in “Movie”

When I dream, most of the time it’s like being in and watching a movie.  Most of the characters stay the same, but the events, scenes, and scenarios sometimes change.

Most of the time, the storyline follows sequentially and goes from beginning to end.  Once in a while, though, it jumps from theatre to theatre leaving me confused, until I realize how the various bits are related.

When the movie (dream) starts playing, it usually goes until I wake up.  Once in a while I realize that I’m dreaming and start watching the dream as a movie instead of being in it.

When that happens, the biggest challenge is trying to rejoin a storyline and pick up where it left off, if I like what’s happening.  If I don’t like what’s happening, I changes channels or change theatres, if my subconscious is determined to continue film production.

Dreams in “movie” are where some of my stories and books come from.  The Dark Rider book series showed up in my mind one night, and it became a hit.  I’ve consciously tried to get The Dark Rider to replay sometimes, but it doesn’t always work out.

What does work though in consciously accessing the subconscious to see the story ideas is to use Einstein’s “dropped quarter method”.  Staying up late achieves the same result sometimes.  The mind opens, and stories pour out.

People who say that consciously accessing their subconscious is dangerous have never truly taken a trip there.  It’s your own mind, and it’s full of amazing things.

May you dream well.

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Muses? I don’t have muses…

Muses?  I don’t have muses.  I have screaming tormenters in my head that won’t relent until I put words on a page.  Then, they leave me alone for a while.  That’s the kind of inspiration I have most days.

…Stories that explode inside my head and demand that all parts get typed out or they’ll keep pounding on the doorway of my mind.  Bloody fingers are of no account to them.  All they want is to be written, produced, and recognized.  Sure, they make themselves out to be shiny, bright ideas, but don’t turn your back on them or they’ll chew you to shreds.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have words lining up to be written down than the other way: blank pages looking back at me like a big, empty mirror on a wall.  That would be hell – having to face that kind of painting every day.

This way, at least there’s something powerful to put on paper.  No doubt about that.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —
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