Reach a Lasting Hold

Reaching beyond
Into unseen
Reveals a lasting hold
A grasp so tight to dead man’s touch
Will give the end foretold.

We give to life
The dream of night
And in the end we’ll see,
We step across the dead man’s land
And live a life for Thee.

Call to heaven
To see the sun
And give my all in all;
With the daylight a’passing by
It is to darkness fall.

Therein is pow’r
Therein to know
The boding that foretells
Will be the everlasting light
That opens all the jails.

Books by Marty:


The Road Back

The bare-knuckled hands of training belonged to a boxer of little consequence in the minds of most.  Yet, in the minds of a few, he was Champ.  Those believing minds were his son, his trainer, his wife, and his own.

The rest of the world had summarily dismissed him after he lost a couple of big fights in the previous year.  He was in a downward spiral, and he knew it.  He would have to break out of his own mind’s cage if he was going to win again.  It would be work, but he knew he could do it.

Read Marty’s fiction book,”Trevor and the Dark Rider – ebook 1.1″, here

Burn of Retina

To see the sun and then turn your eyes is a lasting burn of retina.  Yet, it causes in us the desire to look again – to see into the purity of being that exudes from the burning orb.  The remembered effects pass rapidly from our memories, yet in the moments of looking we swear that will never again attempt something so stupid.

The gracious moments of afterglow cause us harm in that we burn while waiting for the streaks to pass.  The brightness would cause blindness if we continued to look and saw past the center of the glow, both in space and in our sight sockets.  Flesh will melt away faster than the light will.  But given time, the light will pass into oblivion, as well.

To See Beyond

To see the day beyond
Is dwelling in foretell
To see, to know, believe
Gives heaven light, not hell

Tho many come to claim
Abiding in the see
They never will know true
They never will achieve

It’s more than jest of hand
It’s more than lie of heart
It’s all that dwells within
That sets the real apart

The say they know the truth
State future’s in their hand
But only those of faith
Can knowledge they command.