Wayfarer’s Breath

We each process grief in different ways.  This is what my mind does when it’s faced with unchangeable changes in life: the passing of loved ones, the end of an era.  Rest well.

#  #  #

Tears of sadness take us to a place
That serves as a respite for the soul.
Sorrow meets us there
And waits for God to make it whole again.

The shining of the sun ceases for a moment
As we stand before the doorway of time
And dare to enter its gates.

The longing we feel
Will be caught up
In the temporal causing of justice within our minds
As we stare headlong into the ghost of heaven
That rides upon the waves
And dashes down onto the rocks along the shore.

It disappears into the water
Time and time again,
Yet repositions itself
Upon the crest of each coming wave
In order to better serve
The vision of regenerated life
Upon a credence of wayfarer’s breath
But knowing not whether it should also venture in
Or wait.

#  #  #


Wind Brings Hope

Wind blows across my face
And I embrace the love of God
That comes with it.
It’s no mystery
That God’s love travels with the wind.
It’s been known for centuries.
But what’s even more powerful
Is realizing that his personalized message
Will come for you each day
If you’ll open your heart to hear it.
Travels may take you far from home,
But the will of God
And the peace of love
Will keep you connected

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Solar Flare = Earthquake, Political Change, or Market Drop this week?

With two huge solar flares occurring earlier today (Tuesday, 10 June 2014), it will be interesting to see what happens as a result later this week.  Heavier particles from the flares will take a couple of days or so to hit our magnetic field.  When they do, be prepared for changes.

Historically, things have been shaken up by the large flares.  Earthquakes, sweeping political changes, and market drops have occurred within days of past, large solar flares.

Why earthquakes from solar flares?  The sun produces energy — a lot of energy.  That energy affects the Earth’s magnetic field, which affects the Earth’s mantel, which affects the tectonic plates, which offer up the earthquakes.

Why political / geopolitical changes?  Again, the energy coming from the sun affects people’s perception of things.  The increased electricity in the air will cause people to react differently than they normally would.  The human body is comprised mostly of water.  Water is an excellent conductor of electricity.  Increased electricity coming from the sun in a burst may very well cause mass “bursting” of ideas, which when coupled with mass mentality, results in a “movement”.

Why a market drop / small crash?  Market prices are the direct translation of human perception as influenced by external and internal forces (i.e. energy).  People react to the energy or vibe (i.e. vibration) of a room.  You and I do it all the time without usually noticing it, but we still do it.  Market traders / investors react to the vibe of a market and buy or sell accordingly.

Go back and look at the data related to dates, times, and locations of specific solar flares and resulting big picture things.  I think your eyes will be opened.

I know, some of this may be out there for some people.  It doesn’t change the historical correlation and causation of solar activity and corresponding world events.  I’ll let this week’s upcoming events speak for themselves in connection to today’s flares.

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Trevor and the Dark Rider – Chap 2

Ch 2 – Back to School

“Trevor, are you awake, yet? You’re going to be late for school!”

“Uhhh,” came Trevor’s response, but he stayed in bed not moving. He realized he was clutching his left shoulder and that he had been dreaming again.

A minute later, his mom yelled again, “Trevor!”

“Ok. Ok. I’m awake. Getting up.”

As he sat up in bed, a copy of Medieval History fell to the floor.

“I guess I fell asleep reading again,” he said to himself as he picked up the book. “This one was pretty good. I’ll have to look for other ones online.”

He laid the book on his bed and got up.

I hate school. It’s so dumb and boring. And nobody would even miss me if I didn’t go, he thought.

Muttering to himself hopefully, “Well, maybe Rachel would miss me, but I don’t know. She been pretty interested in Pockets lately….so…whatever…if that’s what she wants.” He stopped and asked, “Why am I talking to myself?”

He stumbled downstairs to make himself breakfast. He was glad that gravity worked so well to pull him down the stairs every day, because he definitely was not a morning person and would rather have stayed right there in bed for a while.

After few minutes with a bowl of cereal, he went back upstairs to get ready. After showering and grabbing the closest available clothes, he rubbed some gel over his brown hair.

Wet brown looks black. Dry brown looks tannish. Weird, he thought. Walking into his bedroom, he grabbed his book bag and went back downstairs.

“Oh, there now. You look perfectly ready for your sophomore year,” his mom said with a big smile. Mrs. McKay was a morning person, so she was almost always cheery before he was.

He looked at her with a sarcastic grin, tilted his head slightly to the right and said, “Yay, me.”

“Wow. With an attitude like that, you’ll probably have an awful, rotten day,” she said over top of her laptop on the living room couch.

“Mom!” came a pleading, surprised response.

“Well, you’re the one moping around like you lost a finger or something.”

“I’m just not looking forward to it – that’s all,” Trevor said sheepishly.

“Relax; smile; and be yourself. Everything will be fine. Besides, your teachers and the other students probably don’t want to go back any more than you do.”

He grinned, “We’ll all just be grumpy together, then.”

“Yeah; that works too, I guess. Hey, I’ll take a picture and message it to Dad since he already left this morning.”

Mr. McKay had to be at work by 7:30, so he usually left before Trevor was up or fully awake.

She snapped few pics and said, “That looks very nice. Now, go on before you’re late for walking with Pockets.”

Just then the front door opened, and Pockets walked in.

“Looks like I already am,” Trevor said, glancing back at his mom.

“Good morning, Pockets,” said Mrs. McKay.

“Morning, Mrs. McKay.” Then looking at Trevor he said, “I thought I’d come by and make sure Sleeping Beauty was awake and ready to go.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m ready. Bye, Mom.”

She stopped them, “Wait. Let me take a picture of you two together.”

“Mom! We’re gonna be late!”

“It’ll only take a second,” she said.

“Smile for your momma, Trevor,” Pockets chided.

“You’re not helping,” Trevor told his friend.


Pockets flashed a gigantic Cheshire cat smile, while Trevor faked a grin with annoyed eyes.

“There! Perfect….thank you, Pockets.”


“I’m going to school now. Bye, Mom.”

“Bye, Mrs. McKay,” Pockets added.

“Bye, guys. Have a good day. And tell Rachel hello.”

“We will.”

Trevor and Pockets had been best friends since Kindergarten. They had gone to school together every year, gotten skinned knees together, gotten in trouble together, and had gone on trips with each other’s family. Now, they were going through the strangest adventure they had ever been through together: high school.

Walking to school, Pockets asked, “So, how hard was it for you to wake up this morning?”

Trevor grinned and answered, “I’m awake?”

Pockets laughed.

“Man, I can stay up late with no problem…It’s the getting up early part that stinks.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“Whatever… You’re the guy who actually likes 6 a.m.!”

Pockets defended himself, “I can’t help it…I’m an early bird…always have been.”

“It’s a curse, you know.”

“No it’s not… you just don’t appreciate sunrises!”

Trevor said jokingly, “Sunrise, sunset, they’re basically the same…you’re just looking different directions.”

“Ok, but you were up early a bunch of times this summer.”

“Yeah. So?

“So, why don’t you wake up early during the school year?”

“No man, that’s totally different. That’s more a thing of having to get up ‘cause we have to go to school versus wanting to get up ‘cause we’re gonna go do somethin’ fun.”

“Now you sound like Ms. Noland.”

“The Psych teacher?”

“Yes, Einstein, the psych teacher,” came from a voice behind the two boys.

“Rachel!” they replied at the same time.

“Good morning! You guys said you were gonna wait for me at the corner.”

The two boys’ mouths dropped open as they looked at each other and tried to play it off.

“Oh yeah. Uh, we forgot,” replied Trevor sheepishly.

“Sorry,” Pockets offered.

“We got caught up in talking about sweet, sweet summer time and forgot to stop walking while we were talking,” Trevor continued.

“Okay. Okay,” said Rachel, trying to redirect the conversation.

All three were excited that they were not Freshmen anymore in school, but they knew that more was riding on this year than last. They also knew it meant they were a year closer to graduating.

A couple of their friends, James and Paige, had moved away last year, and some others had graduated. So, their immediate circle of connections had shrunk to just the three of them. Sure, they had lots of other acquaintances and distant friends, but their closest circle had gotten pretty small. Trevor had tried to make light of the situation back in July, but Rachel didn’t think his comment of “At least it’s manageable…” was very funny. So, she was determined to expand their group by getting to know some other people better this year.

When Pockets challenged her reasoning, Rachel’s reply was simple, “I am the only girl, so we need to expand.”

Pockets and Trevor just looked at her, confused.

She replied, “What? If we’re gonna take on the world someday, we can’t do it by ourselves. We at least need a couple of other people we can hang out with.”

“Heard anything from Paige?” Pockets asked.

“Why? Still got those puppy eyes for her?” she replied.

“No! I mean, ‘I never did!’ I was just asking if you had heard anything from her,” he tried to answer without sounding like a total idiot.

Trevor and Rachel chuckled.

“Relax. Yes, she emailed me last night, in fact, wishing us all a happy first day of school,” Rachel answered.

Trevor followed up with a sarcastic, “First day wishes… oh, how sweet.”

“Shut up,” he said to Trevor.

Rachel cut in, “Seriously though, after 4th period, let’s all meet at the patio tables for lunch as soon as possible.”

“Would I ever eat with anybody else?” Pockets asked, mockingly.

They looked at Pockets and said at the same time, “Yes!”

Just then, the ten-minute warning bell rang on campus.

“That’s our cue,” Rachel said excitedly as she headed to her class.

Loads of fun,” Trevor added.

“See ya,” said Pockets.

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Trevor and the Dark Rider – Chapter 1

Chap 1 – Dark Rider

The Dark Rider rode out in front of the legion of devilish men that formed part of the army amassed on the fields near Borodino.

“I will not tell you that you fight for God and Country, because you do not! You fight to satisfy your bloodlust and to overtake new lands for your master. No prisoners today! They had their chance to give their allegiance without pain, but they refused. So here today on the battlefield, they will give their allegiance through their deaths. Kill all. Leave none standing!”

The Dark Rider reared his horse upward and then lunged forward into battle.

“AAAAAHHHH!!!” came the roaring response from the dark soldiers assembled, surging forward as one mass.

Trevor heard the Dark Rider’s speech from a covering near the front line of the monstrous horde. At the same time, a dark guard was patrolling the area where Trevor was hiding.

Realizing he was about to be discovered, Trevor jumped out from the bushes and reversed the potential ambush. By surprising the soldier, he had an extra few seconds – always precious in battle – to attack and gain the upper hand. That was earlier.

Now he was in the midst of battle, to one of the far sides of the field. Smoke, fog, and death filled the air. The smells disturbed his stomach as they entered his nose.

“Aaaahhhhggg!” came the guttural sound from one of the dark soldiers. He swung his sword toward Trevor’s head. Trevor sidestepped it and moved out of the way.

“No you don’t!” Trevor yelled. At the same time, he crosschecked the soldier with the flat part of the broad sword. The soldier dropped to his knees and fell over.

“Ha! Take that,” came out of Trevor’s mouth almost automatically.

He turned, straightened himself, and readied for the next attacker. The battlefield was littered with dead and dying soldiers. It was a heinous scene. He tried to grasp the purpose of so much fighting and anguish. There was no purpose – not that he could see, at least.

Just then, ftth! An arrow came out of nowhere and struck him in the left shoulder. He staggered backwards involuntarily from the energy that had propelled the arrow across the field through the air.

“Aauugh!” Trevor cried out. He dropped his sword and grabbed at the rough wooden shaft of the arrow sticking out of his shoulder. Things started to seem blurry.

Trevor and the Dark Rider: