Story in Gossamer (poetry)

In gossamer gowns
We see straight away
Where death doth stalk
At close of the day

We see but a bit
In moments unkempt
And know hell has
For us much contempt

With morning shines forth
Brightness renewed
And speaks here not
Of demons subdued

With gossamer gowns
We speak but not in voice
Of our lives lived
That mirror your choice

Though heaven shines bright
It will not partake
Of lives below
That it they forsake

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —
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Shadow-Soothe (poetry)

Upon the waves of waltzing light
Dreams but do implore
So we wade in morning light
To see the other shore

And on that day when life does close
When light around us dims
We’ll reach the other side of life
Wherein His light won’t end.

Is but a breath ‘til we depart
Where shadows act as truth
Here they bathe as rambling lies
And try our hearts to soothe.

Those who’ve lived now know the more
They do not seek to stay
They’ve seen the lot; they’ve seen the best
But still they go away.

A tweak to this and tweak to that
Yet days continue by.
…but if could see all from Day One
All in the great mind’s eye….

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