Writer’s Block? Can’t Finish Writing Your Book?

Need help to finish writing your book?  Need some encouragement or a swift kick in the butt?

Send me an email explaining your situation, and I’ll be glad to encourage you, give you some pointers, and help you bring your book-writing efforts to completion.

Sure you can read stuff online, but sometimes you just need a personal conversation to get you unstuck from the mud!

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get your story idea or to steal it.  I already have so many storylines running through my head that I couldn’t write them all myself in two lifetimes!

In fact, I should probably hire some other ghostwriters and let them jam in the words.

So, why am I offering to help you finish your book?  I’m paying it forward.

Having successfully written, edited, and published 26 of my own books, I’m trying to repay people who encouraged me along the way by offering that encouragement to others who now need it.

Find out more about Marty and get his books here


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