Dreaming in “Movie”

When I dream, most of the time it’s like being in and watching a movie.  Most of the characters stay the same, but the events, scenes, and scenarios sometimes change.

Most of the time, the storyline follows sequentially and goes from beginning to end.  Once in a while, though, it jumps from theatre to theatre leaving me confused, until I realize how the various bits are related.

When the movie (dream) starts playing, it usually goes until I wake up.  Once in a while I realize that I’m dreaming and start watching the dream as a movie instead of being in it.

When that happens, the biggest challenge is trying to rejoin a storyline and pick up where it left off, if I like what’s happening.  If I don’t like what’s happening, I changes channels or change theatres, if my subconscious is determined to continue film production.

Dreams in “movie” are where some of my stories and books come from.  The Dark Rider book series showed up in my mind one night, and it became a hit.  I’ve consciously tried to get The Dark Rider to replay sometimes, but it doesn’t always work out.

What does work though in consciously accessing the subconscious to see the story ideas is to use Einstein’s “dropped quarter method”.  Staying up late achieves the same result sometimes.  The mind opens, and stories pour out.

People who say that consciously accessing their subconscious is dangerous have never truly taken a trip there.  It’s your own mind, and it’s full of amazing things.

May you dream well.

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