Finding the Right Agent

Nose to the grindstone – looking for the right lit agent.  I know she/he is out there.  Running the numbers, sending the emails, doing the follow up.

More to come…

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“TREVOR on the screen in 2017!” – my new mantra!

“TREVOR on the screen in 2017!” – my new mantra!

… a goal … speaking it into reality… with help from a lot of people, it will happen!

Let’s make it happen…

Books by Marty


It strikes the land and slices wind
It courses through the air
As thunder rolls across the sky
To meet us standing there

There is a time for all to die
To see the end is near
But living daily well and strong
We have no death to fear

Fear not upon a mighty blow
The bough has broken nigh
And in the sky above us all
There is a heaven high

High on the treetops there be gold
And silver worth of joy
To see them swaying in the breeze
A smile my lips employ

Employ the lift of joy-filled songs
To recreate the light
As thunderous lightning fills the sky
Well in the dark of night

Books by Marty