Thoughts from a few weeks ago

For some reason today, my mind seems to be on fire.  My eyes burn, my ears aren’t filtering out noise, and everything seems to be so loud!  I’ve hidden myself away in a quiet room, trying to find peace in the moment and get work done that I need to get done.  So many things are on my mind, though, that I can’t focus on just one thing and get it done.

So many things plague me – are nagging at my mind and heart: I want to serve mightily, to publish more books, and to figure out the commodities markets.  The cause of the markets’ patterns are so elusive, though.  Right there in front of me one minute and then bouncing around out of range the next.  It’s almost as if I’m chasing a mirage.  Trying to catch smoke in my hand.  That’s what it feels like some days.  Trying to come together in some sense but then coming unglued again.  The pieces don’t fit together nicely for some reason, yet.

My hearing seems enhanced today – much like every other day of my life.  Teaching in the classroom at school was deathly at times.  I’ve tried to explain it to people, but some just don’t understand.  So, it felt like the discussion a monologue, responded to with glazed over stares.

So many times, people are just trite in life.  They only focus on the immediate, the here and now, and the ‘id’ part of existence.  They seem to forget that there’s a whole other part of life that involves real living.  Living happily.  Finding joy in the things we do every day that will piece together this thing we call “life” and help make it make sense.

I know that nothing makes sense without God.  The foundation of the Earth was set at his command, and he built it the way he did on purpose.  That’s really the only thing that makes this life bearable.  Knowing that He’s there in the midst of all the crap we deal with makes it all worthwhile.  Without him, it wouldn’t be worthwhile at all.

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This evening, a thunderous applause filled the room and warmed the hearts of recipients far and wide.  Remembering the dead.  Memorials, names, scholarships, awards.  Remembering the people who have gone before us and left a positive mark on the world.  Now, even in their absence, they are still leaving a positive mark on the world.

It is not enough to simply live your life without touching others.  There is an innate requirement of being a part of the greater whole and contributing to other individuals who are part of that whole.

Some may think that they don’t have to share what they know.  Don’t listen to them.  Don’t listen to that philosophy.  Choose to be different – to be important – to be worthwhile.

Share.  Be generous and kind.  Care about others, and have compassion.  Spur on those who need it and those who’ve gotten stuck in a rut.  Encourage everyone you meet – even those people that are hard to like.  They need your encouragement, too.  Eventually, whether you ever know it or not, they will realize how very different from the rest of humanity you are and how very vitally you live your life.

Your awesomeness will reach far beyond the foreseeable future and turn deadened choices into living romance.  It will fill a room and prove to the world that you are alive.  It will show even the nastiest of naysayers how goodness and purposed politeness win every time.  A thunderous applause will fill your ears and your heart, and you will know that you are living your life in the best ways possible.

Thunder.  It’s not just a sound… it is you.

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What Will Be Written?

What will be written
When my headstone is set?
What will be written
When I am gone?
What will be pushed into grains of the granite,
Written in stone?
Who will write the thousands of stories
That still occupy my mind?
Who will put them onto the paper
When I am no more and cannot write?
Who will gather them together again
And force them to go in straight lines,
Holding hands so they make sense,
Or let them run around nilly-willy
And enjoy the free-flow form that results?
What will become of my brain,
That gray mass of creative pumping power
After it ceases to press forth wonder in words
About the world that surrounds?
And all of the ideas that flow at night,
Will they stop in the morning
Because they have found a resting place?
Fiery minds call for the snow
And hope for all to see
The cooling notion that occurs
When one touches the other.
Again – what will be written, more-or-less?
Or all three?

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In the Midst of Everyday Things

To see the face of eternity
And know that you belong in its arms
Will help you to see each coming day
As a thing of beauty.
And as you walk through these days
Adding glory and power to them,
You will become part
Of the very thing you seek.
Glory lies before you
In the midst of everyday things.
Sure, it’s hard to find sometimes,
But it’s still there.
One of the most amazing things
Is realizing that the temporality of this life
Is not the most important thing
But that eternity in the presence of Jesus is.

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Lovers Lifted Into the Wind (poetry)

Two tormented souls
Clung to the past
And to each other
Trying to see the end
To their misery.
The darkness that surrounded
And the shelling
That would not let up
Seemed to deafen
All hope that tried to invade.
No intervention would come
And if they were to survive
They’d have to walk
Through the streets
In the midst
Of hell on earth.

They left their bunker of safety
And breached the night.
With sirens wailing
And bombs piercing the sky,
They went from alley to alley
Trying to escape.
Then they realized that
Only by walking down the main road
Would they get out
Of Dead Man’s Lane.

Looking into each other’s eyes,
They squeezed the other’s hand
And broke ranks from fear
That gripped at their hearts.
In an instant they were standing dead center
Of the Plaza Central.
It took a moment,
But the men shooting downward
Recognized the two.
Voices rang out,
And bullets stopped.

The two souls looked at each other
And knew they had made it.
In an instant, they were gone.
Like the night that had stretched out before them,
They disappeared into the wind,
And heaven lifted them home,
Tormented no more.

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A Glance Across the Room (poetry)

A glance, a smile
Across the room
Coffee shop fades away

Into the mind
A story goes
And brightens up her day

She had been lost
No hope could see
No lover’s arms surround

In a moment
All could change
A love twinge may be found.

Now in the room
Sits perfect chance
To start with hope anew

To find with luck
His smile as well
If only could be true

She looks but sees
He has removed
Himself from place across

Her heart now falls
In broken mess
Upon the floor in loss

Dreams are dashed
She will return
To evenings all alone

Sit and wonder
What comes next
To anguish and bemoan

She starts to leave
And looks outside
At day now without care

Then some words
Do greet her ears
“I did not want to stare”

She turns and sees
To her delight
Her hoped-for standing near

“I thought you’d gone”
Is her reply
It leaves her mouth so dear

His grins release
His love inside
“You had me with your smile.”

Now, years have pass’d
But love still flows
“I do” well past the aisle.

— — — — — — — — —
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Would Be Sweet (poetry)

Grey clouds sit
On demons’ wings
And fight
with my mind nigh

They cause in all
The wakeless dream
And fight
with thoughts aside

If rustle roused
And caused to me
Heart to beat

The end would not
Sit by and wait
Would be sweet

But, alas
‘Tis not the way
Of all
For me to taste

But love still waits
Withholds and tight
Of all
Will give no haste

Is peppered here
Within my mind
The dulled
And muted clang

Of rounded reach
To nothing touch
The dulled
Bell hardly rang

— — — — — — — — —
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