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Motivational / Personal Development

  1. Believe. Do. and Follow Through!
  2. A Stone’s Throw
  3. A Stone’s Throw – Reflective Journal…To Improve Your Life
  4. An Agreement with Life
  5. To Touch the Infinite

MG Fiction

  1. Trevor and the Dark Rider


  1. Morning Coffee
  2. Making Sense of It All
  3. Letting In, Letting Out
  4. ‘Tis Worth
  5. Gathering Light

Real Estate / Cycles

  1. Knowing The Future In Real Estate: Which Way It’s Headed And How To Profit From It


  1. Write A Children’s Book, The Workbook, Impact the World
  2. How to Help Others Become Successful

Bilingual Children’s Books

  1. A Spot On The Wall / Una Mancha En La Pared (English/Spanish)
  2. Snail Parade / El Desfile de los Caracoles  (English/Spanish)
  3. Winston T. Mouse (Korean/English)
  4. Winston T. Mouse  (Nepali/English)
  5. 專耄鼮渫斨顸 / Winston T. Mouse  (Chinese/English)
  6. Winston T. Mouse / Winston T. Tikus  (Indonesian/English)
  7. Winston T. Topo / Winston T. Mouse  (Italian/English)
  8. Winston T. Maus / Winston T. Mouse (German/English)
  9. Winston T. Mouse / Winston T. Ratón (English/Spanish)
  10. Winston T. Mouse / ォァヱサヂヱ T/ ミォサ (Japanese/English)
  11. Winston T. Mus /Winston T. Mouse (Danish/English)

Daily Calendar

  1. I’m Just Sayin’

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