Wood Grains of Tune

The noises that become a song are the same as the words that become a poem.  They start out as chunky bits of effervescence and turn into something beautiful.  The hard starts become smooth finishes, just as splinters are taken off by the sander.

Grit rubs across the top parts and grinds them down to join the rest of the fragrant pieces below.  As sand grains turn to dust, the roughness becomes smooth and gives way to the eloquent patterns inside.  Stains draw out the natural colors and let them shine through the overall faceplate of wood.

Tunes sharpen, soften, blend together making melody and harmony – reaching deeply into the soul to bring forth the deadened parts of humanity and put life back into that which needed reviving.

And words have levied the day against darkness.


Finding a Literary Agent

Over the past few weeks, I’ve queried 45 literary agents (AARonline.org) about TREVOR AND THE DARK RIDER, Book 1.  It’s been an interesting experience.  “Grinding it out” is the best way I can describe getting them done.   Now, the wait.

Have any of you done similar?  I’d love to hear your stories.

As the process of finding a traditional publisher progresses, I’ll still keep moving forward by sending it to print soon at CreateSpace.  It will also be available for Kindle.

When someone eventually puts it under contract, then they can make any changes desired to title, cover, page count, font, etc.  Until then, I’m still working toward getting it on the shelves and in the hands of kids around the world.

Book Synopsis:
High school student attempts to stop a mastermind that’s been secretly causing wars throughout history.  Think “Artemis Fowl” crossed with “Home Alone” and “The Librarian”.  A completed Middle Grade / YA novel at 41,000 words.  Ages 10+.

Keep writing great words!