And the Poet Sleeps (poetry)

The poet writes in the middle of the night
When everyone else is sleeping.
Words continue to flood his mind without relent.
Only absurd tiredness will overcome the torrent
That seemingly never ends.
By the brain turning off, going numb for a while,
The words have no receptors to receive them,
Nowhere to go, and the poet sleeps.

Fingers stop moving, pen stops flowing,
Ideas die on the vine.
Once in a while
It will have to be okay for the words to die,
The mind cannot process all of them all the time.
Rest comes, and the poet sleeps.

Words fall to the ground,
They bounce off the floor,
They charge into oblivion
Uncaptured by receptive mind.
Tiredness overcomes.
A smile crosses the face,
Eyelids close, and the poet sleeps.

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In the Midst of Everyday Things

To see the face of eternity
And know that you belong in its arms
Will help you to see each coming day
As a thing of beauty.
And as you walk through these days
Adding glory and power to them,
You will become part
Of the very thing you seek.
Glory lies before you
In the midst of everyday things.
Sure, it’s hard to find sometimes,
But it’s still there.
One of the most amazing things
Is realizing that the temporality of this life
Is not the most important thing
But that eternity in the presence of Jesus is.

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Furnace Blasts Hot

The furnace blasts hot on tempest’s land
And throws him into hell
He’ll walk through shadeless valleys yet
And counter none with show.

There are but few who can survive
The ripping of the soul
But in the end he will stand forth
As one who can forego.

The test before him lies as such:
He must last through it all
And then come out the other side
No lasting of the blows.

Years later in ordeal begun
Its testing to endure
The tempest gives a final test
He gains o’er all his foes.

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Morning Has Broken

The snow crunches beneath my feet
Cold surrounds my face
And tries to reach inside my coat
To tickle my skin.

Looking out across the water
Of the small lake
I am greeted by the breaking
Of morning.

Now that it has broken,
I look around and see
The other person standing
Next to me.

I realize that I am standing next to
One of God’s greatest creations:

She smiles back at me
Wondering what I’m thinking.
Not much –
I am just amazed.

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Causing of the Day

The causing of the day to seek
A sustance on the main
It calls unto the daily pass
And brings within its frame

The passing from the day and night
Is stuck within the fold
There is no greater lasting love
That lies within a hold

True breaking makes a lasting stance
It likens unto heart
But nowhere else will writers write
Than outside of the dark

A hearkened bid of love’s true call
Will force upon the ears
A delicately placed forlorn
Of placid, seated dears

There is but one of chosen kind
That will but hold on here
And cause within a greater draw
A mind that will not sear

To place a likened bit in hand
To have it show the love
Will give to other’s getting heart
And wrap the two in one.

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