And Hope Remains

According to ancient myths, Pandora opened a jar (sometimes translated as “box”) and as a result, released the evils of humanity.  Startled by what escaped, she quickly closed the lid, leaving Hope inside.

Side Note: Based on her other actions, she most likely opened the jar out of curiosity and not to be malicious.

Either way, what was done – was done.  There was no turning back the hands of time and reversing the deed.  Yet, Hope remained.

Yesterday, I was reminded of the same kind of thing.  I can’t return to earlier years and re-do anything.  Last time I checked, the present time continuum of the universe doesn’t grant “do-over” scenarios.  So, to wish I could go back and do things differently based on what I know now – only burns up precious resources through regrets, stress, and anger.

Instead, I will cling to hope and utilize the experiences of my past to better accept my path and to walk it well.

By the way, if you’re looking for an exciting young adult fiction series to read (or for somebody you know), then check out Trevor and the Dark Rider.  It’s intriguing, suspenseful, and connectable:


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