Love You’ll Find (poem)

Life has meted out for us
Joys and even still
Ways to see abounding love
Reckoned of free will

It meets us with a blinding light
It meets us in the dark
Yet every time it meets us still
Adventures will embark

People come and people go
Sharing lives entwin’d
Even with the heartaches there
Love is what you’ll find

Allow the universe to speak
To tell you what it knows
Allow it movement in your heart
And love you find will grow

— — — — — — — — —
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To Freedom Leap (poem)

The maze we walk
In muted tones
Tries to keep us bound

Inside our minds
So we don’t see
All the freedom found

Outside the walls
Is noon day sun
Ever shining bright

It clears the head
And frees the soul
With angelic light

Why stay to tread
Infernal halls
Making hearts to weep?

It’s climb o’er top
To taste fresh air
And to freedom leap.

— — — — — — — — — — — —
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In Glory’s Light (poem)

Delight’d by thoughts
That joy withholds
Nothing in sight
Of mind’s eye’s gold.

It fends instead
Off wiles and woes
That take the shape
Of garden rows.

We stand and breathe
In glory’s light
And hold the helm
That makes it right.

To seek the sought
And make it known
Will car’y me well
To my home.

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Correct Way To Go? (poem)

Bitterness grew
And turned into rage;
Infuriation filled my mind.
I felt more than slighted.
A slap
Against what I saw as right –
To have followed a calling
Thinking it was the correct way to go –
To bless others
And fill them with knowledge.

To see
Years later
An empty-handed reply
To the questions
Of monetary concerns.
The seen
Seems so much greater
Than the unseen
At times.

Justice behind the veil
Must prevail
For the scales to remain in balance.
Hope soothes my wrath
Along with resign
Of the vapor
Which cannot be grasped.

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The Charge (poem)

We stand, internally commanded –
With a charge –
Pushing back
Against the battle of the day.
We feel ourselves falter
And know that if we give in
To the moments that thrust against us,
We will fail.

With utter bite of frustration,
We set ourselves against the commanding forces
That slam themselves into the walled partitions
That separate us from a momentary glimpse of light.
The darkness settles in
As we feel pulled down
Toward the ground
And perhaps giving away
The precious high ground
We so desperately fought to win.


A shifting of the feet
And repositioning of weight
Gives to us
A glimmer of hope
In the fight for our lives.
The pressure mounting in all the wrong places
In our legs, backs, and shoulders
Has now been eased –
And we realize that maybe…
Just maybe…
We have a chance.

The gate posts hold fast and so do we
As the morning light begins to flicker
From behind the eastern mountains…
The ogres fall back
And retreat from the coming brightness.

The war is over.
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