Lovers Lifted Into the Wind (poetry)

Two tormented souls
Clung to the past
And to each other
Trying to see the end
To their misery.
The darkness that surrounded
And the shelling
That would not let up
Seemed to deafen
All hope that tried to invade.
No intervention would come
And if they were to survive
They’d have to walk
Through the streets
In the midst
Of hell on earth.

They left their bunker of safety
And breached the night.
With sirens wailing
And bombs piercing the sky,
They went from alley to alley
Trying to escape.
Then they realized that
Only by walking down the main road
Would they get out
Of Dead Man’s Lane.

Looking into each other’s eyes,
They squeezed the other’s hand
And broke ranks from fear
That gripped at their hearts.
In an instant they were standing dead center
Of the Plaza Central.
It took a moment,
But the men shooting downward
Recognized the two.
Voices rang out,
And bullets stopped.

The two souls looked at each other
And knew they had made it.
In an instant, they were gone.
Like the night that had stretched out before them,
They disappeared into the wind,
And heaven lifted them home,
Tormented no more.

# # #
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