Words Passing Through

Words of the afternoon light filtered through the window, glided across the sill, and slipped into the room.  They met me where I sat.  They asked me why they came in from the outside and not from my heart.  I told them that since I didn’t originate them, they came in from some other source.  But because I could sense them, I was able to have a conversation with them and help them on their way.

During our chat we covered a lot of ground.  In a way, I could identify with those wandering bits of thought that passed through the window and into my house.  They brought with them a perspective from another dimension – the realm of the surrounding unseen.  To float through the air without physical texture, yet to have it all the same.  That’s what those words were showing me – beyond just showing up to ask directions.

A refocusing of sorts occurred on both our ends.  They were no longer wandering.  I was no longer wordless.  The meeting was good.  We both benefited from it.  They gained direction, and I gained this page full of their relatives.


World Missions – What are we waiting for?

If you believe that God has placed you on this earth to do great things around the world, hopefully you are currently doing something about it.  If not, what are you waiting for?

Every day that we wait to go, to send, and to pray in regards to world missions,  more people die without knowing that God died for them.

On the other hand, by going, by sending, and by praying, we put into effect the very power that compels us to relieve the suffering of others around the world.

God did not place us on this earth simply for us to work, earn money, and buy lots of things for ourselves.  No, he gave us the ability to work, to earn, and to serve in order for us to share with, to give to, and to love others around the world who live in circumstances different from our own.  When we break through the preconceived ideas of differences in locations, languages, races, incomes, and nationalities, we are able to realize that we are all the same in God’s heart.

We have a deadline.  Up to the moment you and I take our final breaths here on earth, we are obligated to move forward the cause of Christ, the purpose of the Gospel, and the calling of our hearts.  If we ignore those directives (laid out before us from the foundation of time), then the excuse of “I didn’t do it because” will NOT be a sufficient answer when we give an accounting of our lives to God.

Today, may you look for and find ways of serving where you are and going where you are called!

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Starting from Scratch and Succeeding!

Here’s a view into my first years of teaching, 20 years ago:

From 1993-1997, I was hired by Guilford County Schools and Davidson County Schools to teach Spanish Enrichment and ESL (English as a Second Language) as an itinerant program at the elementary school level.

However, there was no established curriculum – only a list of goals & objectives.

At the first school, I was literally given a key to a vacant room in the basement, a child’s desk to sit at, a bag of multicolored plastic chain links, and access to a copier.

Starting from scratch, I designed curriculum and materials for the schools that I worked in.

Four years later, I left behind an office full of materials and a binder of curriculum for the next teachers to successfully use.

This experience allowed me to teach in 80 different classrooms, work with 80 different teachers, and educate 1500 students.

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Solomon Islands Star Newspaper printing our articles on Sundays!

Pretty cool – for the past couple of months on Sundays, The Solomon Islands Star Newspaper has been running print copies of chapters from the motivational book “Believe. Do. and Follow Through!” that Isaiah Whittaker and I wrote.

So, if you’re in the part of the world on a given Sunday, pick up a print copy of the newspaper and enjoy!

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Day One and Day Opposite One

After pumping out the ideas and words for the most recent ebooks that are finished, I started feeling drained this week.  Not that there was a lack of words to write down or material to work on, but I didn’t have the motivation to write or edit a few times.  I realized today that I was feeling run down because I had given so much from my mind, and it needs to rest.

I’ve been persistent this week and wrote 1,ooo words per day on average.  That’s a good thing, because with that much getting onto the screen every day, then there’s potential for them to turn into finished books soon.

Whenever I’m not writing I feel like I should be.  At times, I feel like a fevered Beethoven of words or van Gogh with a typewriter.  The words pour on like sweat beads falling from the brow, filling up a wetted page.  Perhaps one day the words won’t come, but I doubt it.  They’ve been there since Day One, and I imagine they’ll continue to be a part of my life until Day Opposite One.

Tonight I write freely and openly.  Tomorrow I’ll return to structure needed to complete a bound unit of pages known as “a book”.

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