Whose Shoulders?

To stand upon the shoulders of the world, we wait in anticipation of what sights the vistas will bring.  Will they hold for us immeasurable pleasure, or will they make us distraught beyond reason?  Will they cause us to think deeply on the purposes that we serve, or will they increase our desire to be entertained?

If the end justifies the means, then why not wear cleats when you stand up on the shoulders of others and just dig in?  You’d get a better grip that way.  The owner of the shoulders probably won’t enjoy it very much, but hey, the means are justified, right?  That’s what the world cries out as it clamors to reach higher and higher, but you and I know that there is a better way to approach the mark of success.

We shout out to the world in our souls that we are justified in our actions – that we contain the wholeness of thought in the verity of procedure.  But what we really want is to mean something – to mean something in a big way and to a lot of people.

Most people are afraid of succeeding because they are scared that they will actually achieve the glory and goodness that they want to create in the world.  If they do reach that pinnacle, then what?  What would they have to strive for?  To live for?  To fight for?

To not be that way, you have to create new goals, establish new levels of achievement, and develop a deeper understanding of success.  When you see success as God sees success, then you’ll have something truly worth fighting for.  The depth that God can build in your life is beyond concept.  There is no limit to where he can take you or how he can use you to work in the lives of others.

In order to do that though, he wants all of you in him – not just part of you, half of you, or most of you.  He wants all of you.  When you surrender all of yourself to the author of the universe, he will finally be able to do with you what he wanted to do in the first place.  He will mold you and shape you into the vessel that he wants to use for the glory of his kingdom.

Along the way, you will see things you have never seen before and experience things so amazing that you would never have experienced them on your own.  That’s just the way God works: in mighty and magnificent ways.

So, instead of standing on the shoulders of other people or the world, stand upon the shoulders of God.  His might and grace will show you how to do it properly and solidly.  There will be nothing lacking when he moves in his magnificent ways and shows the world through your life that he is still a powerful and compassionate God.

May you be blessed as you live out all that he has called you to do and be.  His truth will shine brighter in your life as you draw closer to him each day.  Be at peace, and go in strength.

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Fantastical World at Dusk

Looking out onto the evening dusk, the world opens up and lets us see into its secret places.  Animals move around and go from being quiet to active.  They participate in the grandness we call nature, simply by being who they are and doing what they do.  No one needs to tell them what to do nor even watch them as they go about their business, because they are still who they are, regardless of our observations.

Then why do we observe?  Because it helps us to become better people.  It helps us to appreciate the world around us.  We become better beings because of it, and in return, we are better to them and to each other.

Dusk is not just dusk.  It is a time of renewal.  It opens the doors to the transition period between daylight and dark.  The daylight says goodbye, and the darkness calls us forward.  As we step forward into the momentary blackness, we see a world we have never seen before.  It becomes new to us as we open our minds and allow in the beauty of the black.  Within it, mysterious shapes take on new meaning and become the steadfast points of footing that we call home.  The strange becomes the familiar, and the foreign becomes home.

Fantastical creatures change into realistic people and force their way into our minds through the ready acceptance of all things strange.  We do not have to deny them credence in order to define ourselves, because with or without them, we still are who we are.

Yet, their participation in our lives blends the two worlds and brings about changes manifested in the adherence to the structure of the formless formed.  The fog is lifted, and the night shines forth.

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Destiny’s Lights

Destiny’s lights
Do onward call
They’re after and

They know what lies
Beyond the seen
And hold me down
No more

They call the way
To open up
And hapless screams
Do fill

Limelight stricken’d
Wakes the dead
And sees the world
In shrill

There is a path
That holds the light
It wakes and sleeps
To be

The holding of
The lasting hope
The joy that comes
To me.

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Worlds of Work and Letting Go

A lot of people go into their little worlds of work and don’t come out again for 40 years.  They think what they do is so important that they rarely stop to look at what they’re doing: to see if it really matters or fits well into the rest of the world somehow.

In some cases, their families grow up around them without them noticing until it’s too late: children seemingly change from toddlers to teenagers overnight, and spouses get tired of waiting for time together.

Don’t let yourself become that person who never leaves the office.  Your family is more important.  They really are – and there IS a way to live a balanced life.  Meaning, you CAN provide for your family AND be with them in person 3-dimensionally to laugh, love, cry, hold, and smile.

Your family would rather have you than a picture of you.

Likewise, someone once told me, “Letting go is a good thing.  It really creates freedom, and it lets trust grow.”  Freedom and trust?  Maybe trust is hard for you at times, because people have squashed it.  You may have even said, “Forget it.”

If so, talking about it and writing it out can help.  It creates a sense of permanence because it’s written down somewhere.  It’s refreshing to get the old stuff out.

In time, you’ll be able to trust more, and things will “click”.  They will be easier to deal with.

When you feel overwhelmed by people and things, let go, if it helps you feel better.  Remember, life’s bark is bigger than its bite, most of the time.

Pray each day for the things that make you excited about life – the ones that make you feel tingly all over, good points in life, and feelings that you cherish.  If you focus on them, then as you deal with people and situations, those positives will be there to guide you.

As wise men and women have said throughout the years, “Breathe out doubt; breathe in trust.”

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Understanding the Vapor of Facade

What if this life is just a facade?  What if the lives we’re living now are only current iterations of repeating cycles that generate one after another throughout time?  Or, what if time is merely a frontispiece of other inner workings behind the scenes of what we claim to be reality?

If it is only a front or book cover, then does that make us players on a stage or contrivers of the mind?  Where does the crossover occur between what we perceive to be reality and actual reality?  Is it located within the confines of our minds, or is it outside of our cerebral walls, dwelling in the outer atmosphere of space and air?

Those thoughts and questions bring forth the following contemplations: What is reality?  Is it the physical, tangible world we see around us, or is it the metaphysical world we do not see – the part of the space in the universe that holds together the other parts of our minds and lives?

If the conditions that dictate our cognizant reception of ideas are clouded, then we have allowed ourselves to be swayed into believing things that are not important.  The passage of time will reveal true abilities and afford us the opportunities to succeed even when the belief surrounding us drops to low levels.

Because we can see into the far reaches of the universe, we are able to see beyond this present situation that condemns us and calls us into treason against our own souls.  That foreboding voice will draw back from us and grant safe passage into the realms of belief and sustaining life.

The lasting impact is yet to be seen of the turf war that has torn apart our nation.  In due time, those responsible for the rampaging of detrimental thoughts and derogatory existence will be held to the light for answers.  When they stand before the judge and jury, they will shrink back from the clamoring of arms and give credence to the author of life.  His forbearance of them will show grace to the world and will show a disbelieving world the way that truth has been leading.

In the depths of his soul does a man contemplate the things of God and the hardening of a heart.  A willingness to hear the heartbeat-thoughts of the Almighty will reign benevolently in the growth of a family and the maturing of a faith.  It is with great surprise that men and women alike seek to know the Father more and as a result gain a deeper understanding of their own souls in respect to their place in the universe.

A grand space within in the heart is a grand space within the design of the firmament.  The whole of heaven has room to encapsulate and expand the conditions of your life in relation to the greater purpose of heavenly callings.

Seek not where you don’t belong in the world, but seek out the places that you do.  The coldness of heart protruding from some will not disable you from sharing the glowing warmth that extends from your being.  Light and life are there for you to have.  They produce the musings that allow us to grow and send forth into the world a happiness that others need to hear.

Some of  your greatest moments will occur when you try to see beyond the current perception of truth and reach for an understanding of the deeper expanses of the universe.  In those moments, the vapor of facade will fade away and light will fill your mind.

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