There Is Greatness In You

There is greatness in the day at hand!  There is greatness in you, and there is greatness all around you.  It’s a matter of which lens you’re looking through, as to whether you realize it, or not.  If you have on the negative lenses that people hand you or that the world throws in your face, then that’s how you’ll see.  But, if you step back for a moment, go for a walk, listen to upbeat music, or find something to laugh about – then, you’ll see the greatness that is literally right there in front of you!

Whether you realize it or not, you are a product of greatness.  A lot of wonderful things had to transpire for you to be in the tremendous place you’re in, today.  Hopefully, you agree.  But, if you don’t, then I ask you to think about it for a moment.  Your vision – it’s a testament of DNA matching gone right.  Your hearing – the same thing.  Your touch, ability to smell, laugh, smile, react, cry, feel, sense, think, and believe…all of those things make you a living testimony that fantastic things are afoot in the universe!

The fact that you even exist says a lot.  Well before you were ever a twinkle in your parents’ eyes, many things were converging to the point in time that you would come to be, to breathe, and to greet the world.  So, in my perhaps simplistic manner of being utterly amazed by the beauty and complexity of a multitude of living organisms and systems, our embodiment of being humankind yells “GREATNESS!” to me.

Therefore, may you find time this week to toss off a bad habit or two.  I’ll try to do the same.  By doing so, we will each be able to greet the coming days with empty arms and lifted hearts.  Getting rid of habits that hold us back not only helps free our minds, it allows us to grow in areas we need to.  Sometimes, that growth comes from struggles and overcoming them.  Sometimes, it comes from moving in a better direction.  Either way, it is greatness that you will encounter and realize!

Does it happen for free?  Sometimes.  Smiling at somebody is free…and we all know how good a smile makes us feel.  Laughter…that’s free, too.  I called my sister the other day, and we just started laughing at the dumbest things that had happened to each of us earlier in the day.  Earlier, those things had seemed so overwhelming, but later we realized how dumb and funny they were.  The point?  In the course of two or three minutes, we were able to move from separate places of frustration and anger to a shared place of humor.  Even miles apart, we were able to find a common theme that brought us to place of peace.

May you see the greatness in you and around you this week.  May it bring you to a place of peace.


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