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In 1990, he was homeless and living out of his truck. He came back from that by making money in real estate.  Then, the boom and bust in 2000-2008 caused him to go from being successful in real estate to starting over, again.

Despite the odds, Marty continually overcomes life’s challenges and turns them into successes.  Likewise, he can help you do the same!

He has motivated thousands of people and published 20 books.

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More background: Grew up on a 200-acre dairy farm in North Carolina…did all sorts of work imaginable!

Through a series of seemingly disjointed puzzle pieces of life, I wound up teaching in all thirteen of the K-12 public school grades!  Seriously!  I know it seems hard to believe, but it happened over the course of 13 years: K-5 Spanish; 6-8 summer school; 9-12 English/Spanish/ESL/Typing; and 9-12 Independent Study (all subjects).  Challenging at times, but it’s helped me to understand kids of all ages and their parents.

Also ran multiple grant programs for 4 years as an administrator at the school district level.  During that time, I traveled the state giving workshops and presentations on personal development and education programs: Service Learning, School To Career, Perkins Voc Ed, Career Tech, Cesar Chavez Day of SL, and Civic Ed.

More recently, I’ve worked for the Air Force editing courseware and managing Space Operations training.

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