This evening, a thunderous applause filled the room and warmed the hearts of recipients far and wide.  Remembering the dead.  Memorials, names, scholarships, awards.  Remembering the people who have gone before us and left a positive mark on the world.  Now, even in their absence, they are still leaving a positive mark on the world.

It is not enough to simply live your life without touching others.  There is an innate requirement of being a part of the greater whole and contributing to other individuals who are part of that whole.

Some may think that they don’t have to share what they know.  Don’t listen to them.  Don’t listen to that philosophy.  Choose to be different – to be important – to be worthwhile.

Share.  Be generous and kind.  Care about others, and have compassion.  Spur on those who need it and those who’ve gotten stuck in a rut.  Encourage everyone you meet – even those people that are hard to like.  They need your encouragement, too.  Eventually, whether you ever know it or not, they will realize how very different from the rest of humanity you are and how very vitally you live your life.

Your awesomeness will reach far beyond the foreseeable future and turn deadened choices into living romance.  It will fill a room and prove to the world that you are alive.  It will show even the nastiest of naysayers how goodness and purposed politeness win every time.  A thunderous applause will fill your ears and your heart, and you will know that you are living your life in the best ways possible.

Thunder.  It’s not just a sound… it is you.

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In the Midst of Everyday Things

To see the face of eternity
And know that you belong in its arms
Will help you to see each coming day
As a thing of beauty.
And as you walk through these days
Adding glory and power to them,
You will become part
Of the very thing you seek.
Glory lies before you
In the midst of everyday things.
Sure, it’s hard to find sometimes,
But it’s still there.
One of the most amazing things
Is realizing that the temporality of this life
Is not the most important thing
But that eternity in the presence of Jesus is.

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