A Glance Across the Room (poetry)

A glance, a smile
Across the room
Coffee shop fades away

Into the mind
A story goes
And brightens up her day

She had been lost
No hope could see
No lover’s arms surround

In a moment
All could change
A love twinge may be found.

Now in the room
Sits perfect chance
To start with hope anew

To find with luck
His smile as well
If only could be true

She looks but sees
He has removed
Himself from place across

Her heart now falls
In broken mess
Upon the floor in loss

Dreams are dashed
She will return
To evenings all alone

Sit and wonder
What comes next
To anguish and bemoan

She starts to leave
And looks outside
At day now without care

Then some words
Do greet her ears
“I did not want to stare”

She turns and sees
To her delight
Her hoped-for standing near

“I thought you’d gone”
Is her reply
It leaves her mouth so dear

His grins release
His love inside
“You had me with your smile.”

Now, years have pass’d
But love still flows
“I do” well past the aisle.

— — — — — — — — —
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