A Glance Across the Room (poetry)

A glance, a smile
Across the room
Coffee shop fades away

Into the mind
A story goes
And brightens up her day

She had been lost
No hope could see
No lover’s arms surround

In a moment
All could change
A love twinge may be found.

Now in the room
Sits perfect chance
To start with hope anew

To find with luck
His smile as well
If only could be true

She looks but sees
He has removed
Himself from place across

Her heart now falls
In broken mess
Upon the floor in loss

Dreams are dashed
She will return
To evenings all alone

Sit and wonder
What comes next
To anguish and bemoan

She starts to leave
And looks outside
At day now without care

Then some words
Do greet her ears
“I did not want to stare”

She turns and sees
To her delight
Her hoped-for standing near

“I thought you’d gone”
Is her reply
It leaves her mouth so dear

His grins release
His love inside
“You had me with your smile.”

Now, years have pass’d
But love still flows
“I do” well past the aisle.

— — — — — — — — —
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BelieveDo (ch 18) – Enjoy What You Do

…adapted from Believe. Do. And Follow Through!

Chapter 18

In the midst of working towards your goals and achieving your dreams, it’s important to enjoy what you do.  Because, if you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point of even doing it, really?  Sure, we all want to get things done and check them off our lists, but if we approach work from the attitude of rote action, we’re no good to anyone.  Life is too short to simply go through it on “autopilot.”

Besides, there are already plenty of people who do jobs and work at things that they don’t enjoy.  So, break the mold!  Do something you enjoy, and enjoy what you do!

“One morning at ‘first breakfast’ (before going to milk the cows), my dad allowed me to see into his life a little more.  We were talking about careers, work, etc.

Midway through starting to take a sip of coffee, he set his cup down on the table and semi-stared off into space.  Then, he looked at me and said, ‘Do something you like, and you won’t wake up every day feeling like you’re running into a brick wall, head first, for forty years.’

Ironically, when I’ve run that idea by different people, I’ve gotten lots of different responses:

•    ‘If I did what I love to do, I’d be broke.’

•    ‘If you do what you love to do, then it’ll become work, and you won’t love it, anymore…’

•    ‘Hobbies are for what you love to do.  Work is called ‘work,’ because that’s what it is.’

•    ‘If I did my hobby as work, then what would I have to look forward to on the weekends?’

…and finally…

•    ‘Absolutely!  I’ve done what I love to do for thirty years – and still love it!’

For a while, I thought that if I could match up people I asked with occupations that they didn’t like, then I would figure out a magic formula.  It finally dawned on me that it still goes back to individuals and their personal likes and dislikes – how they were made – and what they were created to do.  I started looking for the gleam in people’s eyes or the lack thereof.

Years later, I came across the book, Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow.  As I flipped through the pages, my dad’s comment to me at ‘o’dark-thirty,’ years before, came running back to the front of my mind, ‘Do something you like, and you won’t wake up every day feeling like you’re running into a brick wall, head first, for forty years.’”   -Marty

Enjoy what you do!

Would Be Sweet (poetry)

Grey clouds sit
On demons’ wings
And fight
with my mind nigh

They cause in all
The wakeless dream
And fight
with thoughts aside

If rustle roused
And caused to me
Heart to beat

The end would not
Sit by and wait
Would be sweet

But, alas
‘Tis not the way
Of all
For me to taste

But love still waits
Withholds and tight
Of all
Will give no haste

Is peppered here
Within my mind
The dulled
And muted clang

Of rounded reach
To nothing touch
The dulled
Bell hardly rang

— — — — — — — — —
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