BelieveDo (ch 4) – Developing Right Attitudes and Keeping Them

[The following is an excerpt from the motivational book, Believe. Do. And Follow Through!, that I co-wrote with Isaiah Whittaker]

Chapter 4

Whenever you go into a new situation, do you think, “They’re out to get me,” or “I bet everything’s going to be great”?  Whichever one is in the back of your mind will determine how you approach the situation and how you react to what happens in it.

Make sure that you have right attitudes about life in general, not just when starting something new.



1.    You’ll be happier.

2.    You’ll be less stressed.

3.    Walking around smiling is more fun than frowning, right?


4.    You’ll live longer and healthier!

Think about some of the people you’ve known or met during your life.  Remember the people who seemed to be happy most of the time, no matter what?  And, do you remember any grouchy people?  Which of those two types inspired you?  Maybe both did, but just in different ways.

If we model our lives after others who we want to be like while still being our unique selves, we will live successfully every hour of our lives.  There’s no way around it.  Each of us can live out our personal best, if we’ll remember to do so.

Right attitudes make a difference.


Mind Expansion, mind control? – Storing Data in DNA

If you encoded all of Shakespeare’s works into DNA and injected it into a person, could you turn that person into another Shakespeare?

Would the same work with music, art, inventors, athletes, etc?

Could the concept be used to make people smarter – by adding tons of data to their minds or bloodstreams?  Dumber – by taking away knowledge from their DNA… Thought Thieves?

EXTERNALLY, those influences are already in place: tv media, print media, songs, social engineering.

This would move the mind expansion or mind control INTERNALLY, so would it become more powerful in either direction?