BelieveDo (ch 12) – Seeds of Greatness

…from Believe. Do. And Follow Through!

Chapter 12  (selection)

Everyone has the ability to take what they have, who they are, and where they live – and turn it into something incredible.  We each have seeds of greatness.  It’s how we utilize them that matters.

“I truly believe that the seeds of greatness are put inside of everyone when they are created.  It wasn’t like God forgot to put them in some people – He didn’t.  Everybody got ‘em!  

So, why do some people act like they missed out?  Maybe it’s just that some people’s seeds didn’t get the right amount of nourishment when they were growing up, or maybe some people buried their seeds too deep!  Either way, the seeds of greatness are still in there.  

Growing up on a dairy farm, I shoveled a lot of manure.  I didn’t know that God was just preparing me to work in public service for a couple of decades after that…  What does that have to do with seeds of greatness?  A lot.  

Since we had lots of fresh fertilizer, my dad taught my brother, sister, and me how to grow a garden from scratch.  He showed us how covering seeds with too much manure would burn up the seeds, and they wouldn’t produce anything.  

At the same time, he took some other seeds and planted them in a pot in the basement at home – showing us how important being out in the fresh air and sunlight were to those seeds – because they didn’t grow very well in the dark.  

Finally, he showed us how – with the right balance and amounts of all the different aspects of the environment – some of the seeds grew into healthy plants…meaning that when we treated the seeds the right way, they did what they knew to do – what they were meant to do.    

There’ve been a number of times that I’ve looked at people at work and in my neighborhood and thought, “They’re getting too much ‘manure’ put on them.  They’re gonna burn out!”  or… “They’re living in the dark.  They either need to get brighter or get out more often!”  

BUT, I keep telling myself that they still have seeds of greatness in them that need nourishment or that need to be re-discovered.”   – Marty

You, too, have seeds of greatness in you!  Help them grow!  Help them flourish!  And you’ll be amazed at how awesome your life will become.

Today, before another minute of life passes, think about the seeds of greatness inside you.  Are you using them to their fullest potential?  Are they growing the way you want?

Help them grow, and you’ll see the difference in your life.


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