Truth Isn’t Just the Essence

Truth isn’t just the essence of words passed on from one person to another, it’s the passing of justice, love, and meaning in life.  That passage of knowledge from one generation to the next is what preserves us as humanity and carries us glowingly forward, into the darkest of nights.

When people step aside from the fears that they carry into the dream world of sleep, they live beyond measure in the eyes of those around them, when actually, they have simply done what it is that they were called to do.

The beauty of it all is that when we live out the dreams that we have in our hearts, angels can be heard rejoicing in the rafters of heaven and solidly pounding in our hearts, here on earth.

May they break the beams and careen cedars from their resting places into the firmament by night, so that all may hear and know.

Beauty rests and waits for those who are ready to hear, see, and believe.  Without those bold, blessed few, masses will drive themselves directly off of cliffs and into the chasms that lie beneath.  By pursuing life away from death, we participate in one of the most fascinating things in existence.


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