Time Grains

Midnight passage belongs to those walk in the beauty of the light of the night and toss into the tomorrow the shallowness of their grave.  There is a perturbance that seeks to end the reign of time by throwing itself upon the hourglass nailed to the table.  Without allowing the passing from bottom to top, the grains of sand slide through today from tomorrow to yesterday.  They dwell only for a moment in the here and now, becoming along with the rest who have already passed through before, the basis of happiness, regret, joy, and memories piled along the outer edges of glass forming the history of what we call time.  Based solely on the resonance of vibrations emanating from the core, the passages again help to see the invisible thoroughfares on which we travel.  No one can see all the passings, yet you can feel them if you let your senses do so.

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