Nights of Daytime

Walking through nights of daytime,
Monterey streets alive with crashing waves,
Heartless blowing of the wind
Incessant in its tear.
Sounds do shift eventually –
But only after the proceeding of the dark –
And lead me to a beauty that awaits the light
Transforming loss into love
And finding hope in stars above.

The daylight shift
Will cause a break
In mental anguish
Left to punish here
And put down the despised of heart.
A break will bring morning tide
And flush out all the rascals
Who caused the death and ravaged lands.
Light will shine and gleam.

Gentle fog adds to the glow of streets
Enwrapped by the surrounding mist
Coloring the colorless with hearty fluid
And bringing brightness
Where the daylight could not reach
The mist carries with it a hope for tomorrow
And a beauty that far surpasses
The loneliness that once was.

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