Vibrations All Around

Hung in the hanging of temporary indulgence, the matters at hand matter very little in comparison to the essence and depth of the proceedings that will continue to resonate from deep within.  No matter the cause, the reception is still there, picking up on all issuances of feelings, energy, waves, and patterns.

The senses are overwhelmed at times, yet interpret the totality of the beings and place before the author of time the questions regarding such perception.  Is it a gift, or is it a down side?  To those who have no clue, the mere mentioning of it means nothing.  Yet, to those who feel the force that emanates, there is a desire to understand the totality of the picture.

In which to live?  Standing in the light that is emanating deeply, the pressures of each side push to the middle and resonate with the receptor.  He glides his hand over the perception of motion and gives it to the passing of time.

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