Wayfarer’s Breath

We each process grief in different ways.  This is what my mind does when it’s faced with unchangeable changes in life: the passing of loved ones, the end of an era.  Rest well.

#  #  #

Tears of sadness take us to a place
That serves as a respite for the soul.
Sorrow meets us there
And waits for God to make it whole again.

The shining of the sun ceases for a moment
As we stand before the doorway of time
And dare to enter its gates.

The longing we feel
Will be caught up
In the temporal causing of justice within our minds
As we stare headlong into the ghost of heaven
That rides upon the waves
And dashes down onto the rocks along the shore.

It disappears into the water
Time and time again,
Yet repositions itself
Upon the crest of each coming wave
In order to better serve
The vision of regenerated life
Upon a credence of wayfarer’s breath
But knowing not whether it should also venture in
Or wait.

#  #  #


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