Solar Flare = Earthquake, Political Change, or Market Drop this week?

With two huge solar flares occurring earlier today (Tuesday, 10 June 2014), it will be interesting to see what happens as a result later this week.  Heavier particles from the flares will take a couple of days or so to hit our magnetic field.  When they do, be prepared for changes.

Historically, things have been shaken up by the large flares.  Earthquakes, sweeping political changes, and market drops have occurred within days of past, large solar flares.

Why earthquakes from solar flares?  The sun produces energy — a lot of energy.  That energy affects the Earth’s magnetic field, which affects the Earth’s mantel, which affects the tectonic plates, which offer up the earthquakes.

Why political / geopolitical changes?  Again, the energy coming from the sun affects people’s perception of things.  The increased electricity in the air will cause people to react differently than they normally would.  The human body is comprised mostly of water.  Water is an excellent conductor of electricity.  Increased electricity coming from the sun in a burst may very well cause mass “bursting” of ideas, which when coupled with mass mentality, results in a “movement”.

Why a market drop / small crash?  Market prices are the direct translation of human perception as influenced by external and internal forces (i.e. energy).  People react to the energy or vibe (i.e. vibration) of a room.  You and I do it all the time without usually noticing it, but we still do it.  Market traders / investors react to the vibe of a market and buy or sell accordingly.

Go back and look at the data related to dates, times, and locations of specific solar flares and resulting big picture things.  I think your eyes will be opened.

I know, some of this may be out there for some people.  It doesn’t change the historical correlation and causation of solar activity and corresponding world events.  I’ll let this week’s upcoming events speak for themselves in connection to today’s flares.

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