Trevor and the Dark Rider – Chapter 1

Chap 1 – Dark Rider

The Dark Rider rode out in front of the legion of devilish men that formed part of the army amassed on the fields near Borodino.

“I will not tell you that you fight for God and Country, because you do not! You fight to satisfy your bloodlust and to overtake new lands for your master. No prisoners today! They had their chance to give their allegiance without pain, but they refused. So here today on the battlefield, they will give their allegiance through their deaths. Kill all. Leave none standing!”

The Dark Rider reared his horse upward and then lunged forward into battle.

“AAAAAHHHH!!!” came the roaring response from the dark soldiers assembled, surging forward as one mass.

Trevor heard the Dark Rider’s speech from a covering near the front line of the monstrous horde. At the same time, a dark guard was patrolling the area where Trevor was hiding.

Realizing he was about to be discovered, Trevor jumped out from the bushes and reversed the potential ambush. By surprising the soldier, he had an extra few seconds – always precious in battle – to attack and gain the upper hand. That was earlier.

Now he was in the midst of battle, to one of the far sides of the field. Smoke, fog, and death filled the air. The smells disturbed his stomach as they entered his nose.

“Aaaahhhhggg!” came the guttural sound from one of the dark soldiers. He swung his sword toward Trevor’s head. Trevor sidestepped it and moved out of the way.

“No you don’t!” Trevor yelled. At the same time, he crosschecked the soldier with the flat part of the broad sword. The soldier dropped to his knees and fell over.

“Ha! Take that,” came out of Trevor’s mouth almost automatically.

He turned, straightened himself, and readied for the next attacker. The battlefield was littered with dead and dying soldiers. It was a heinous scene. He tried to grasp the purpose of so much fighting and anguish. There was no purpose – not that he could see, at least.

Just then, ftth! An arrow came out of nowhere and struck him in the left shoulder. He staggered backwards involuntarily from the energy that had propelled the arrow across the field through the air.

“Aauugh!” Trevor cried out. He dropped his sword and grabbed at the rough wooden shaft of the arrow sticking out of his shoulder. Things started to seem blurry.

Trevor and the Dark Rider:


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