Actively Swim!

Stop waiting for the world to find you.
Go out, find the world, and tell it what you’re doing!

When you want to succeed badly enough, you’ll find a way.  A way will appear to you.  When you get too comfortable in your life and in your circumstances, you’ll simply drift along in the water like a dead fish.  Live fish actively swim.

Actively swim!

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Achieve Your Full Potential!
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Furnace Blasts Hot

The furnace blasts hot on tempest’s land
And throws him into hell
He’ll walk through shadeless valleys yet
And counter none with show.

There are but few who can survive
The ripping of the soul
But in the end he will stand forth
As one who can forego.

The test before him lies as such:
He must last through it all
And then come out the other side
No lasting of the blows.

Years later in ordeal begun
Its testing to endure
The tempest gives a final test
He gains o’er all his foes.

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