Understanding the Vapor of Facade

What if this life is just a facade?  What if the lives we’re living now are only current iterations of repeating cycles that generate one after another throughout time?  Or, what if time is merely a frontispiece of other inner workings behind the scenes of what we claim to be reality?

If it is only a front or book cover, then does that make us players on a stage or contrivers of the mind?  Where does the crossover occur between what we perceive to be reality and actual reality?  Is it located within the confines of our minds, or is it outside of our cerebral walls, dwelling in the outer atmosphere of space and air?

Those thoughts and questions bring forth the following contemplations: What is reality?  Is it the physical, tangible world we see around us, or is it the metaphysical world we do not see – the part of the space in the universe that holds together the other parts of our minds and lives?

If the conditions that dictate our cognizant reception of ideas are clouded, then we have allowed ourselves to be swayed into believing things that are not important.  The passage of time will reveal true abilities and afford us the opportunities to succeed even when the belief surrounding us drops to low levels.

Because we can see into the far reaches of the universe, we are able to see beyond this present situation that condemns us and calls us into treason against our own souls.  That foreboding voice will draw back from us and grant safe passage into the realms of belief and sustaining life.

The lasting impact is yet to be seen of the turf war that has torn apart our nation.  In due time, those responsible for the rampaging of detrimental thoughts and derogatory existence will be held to the light for answers.  When they stand before the judge and jury, they will shrink back from the clamoring of arms and give credence to the author of life.  His forbearance of them will show grace to the world and will show a disbelieving world the way that truth has been leading.

In the depths of his soul does a man contemplate the things of God and the hardening of a heart.  A willingness to hear the heartbeat-thoughts of the Almighty will reign benevolently in the growth of a family and the maturing of a faith.  It is with great surprise that men and women alike seek to know the Father more and as a result gain a deeper understanding of their own souls in respect to their place in the universe.

A grand space within in the heart is a grand space within the design of the firmament.  The whole of heaven has room to encapsulate and expand the conditions of your life in relation to the greater purpose of heavenly callings.

Seek not where you don’t belong in the world, but seek out the places that you do.  The coldness of heart protruding from some will not disable you from sharing the glowing warmth that extends from your being.  Light and life are there for you to have.  They produce the musings that allow us to grow and send forth into the world a happiness that others need to hear.

Some of  your greatest moments will occur when you try to see beyond the current perception of truth and reach for an understanding of the deeper expanses of the universe.  In those moments, the vapor of facade will fade away and light will fill your mind.

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