Whose Shoulders?

To stand upon the shoulders of the world, we wait in anticipation of what sights the vistas will bring.  Will they hold for us immeasurable pleasure, or will they make us distraught beyond reason?  Will they cause us to think deeply on the purposes that we serve, or will they increase our desire to be entertained?

If the end justifies the means, then why not wear cleats when you stand up on the shoulders of others and just dig in?  You’d get a better grip that way.  The owner of the shoulders probably won’t enjoy it very much, but hey, the means are justified, right?  That’s what the world cries out as it clamors to reach higher and higher, but you and I know that there is a better way to approach the mark of success.

We shout out to the world in our souls that we are justified in our actions – that we contain the wholeness of thought in the verity of procedure.  But what we really want is to mean something – to mean something in a big way and to a lot of people.

Most people are afraid of succeeding because they are scared that they will actually achieve the glory and goodness that they want to create in the world.  If they do reach that pinnacle, then what?  What would they have to strive for?  To live for?  To fight for?

To not be that way, you have to create new goals, establish new levels of achievement, and develop a deeper understanding of success.  When you see success as God sees success, then you’ll have something truly worth fighting for.  The depth that God can build in your life is beyond concept.  There is no limit to where he can take you or how he can use you to work in the lives of others.

In order to do that though, he wants all of you in him – not just part of you, half of you, or most of you.  He wants all of you.  When you surrender all of yourself to the author of the universe, he will finally be able to do with you what he wanted to do in the first place.  He will mold you and shape you into the vessel that he wants to use for the glory of his kingdom.

Along the way, you will see things you have never seen before and experience things so amazing that you would never have experienced them on your own.  That’s just the way God works: in mighty and magnificent ways.

So, instead of standing on the shoulders of other people or the world, stand upon the shoulders of God.  His might and grace will show you how to do it properly and solidly.  There will be nothing lacking when he moves in his magnificent ways and shows the world through your life that he is still a powerful and compassionate God.

May you be blessed as you live out all that he has called you to do and be.  His truth will shine brighter in your life as you draw closer to him each day.  Be at peace, and go in strength.

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