Fantastical World at Dusk

Looking out onto the evening dusk, the world opens up and lets us see into its secret places.  Animals move around and go from being quiet to active.  They participate in the grandness we call nature, simply by being who they are and doing what they do.  No one needs to tell them what to do nor even watch them as they go about their business, because they are still who they are, regardless of our observations.

Then why do we observe?  Because it helps us to become better people.  It helps us to appreciate the world around us.  We become better beings because of it, and in return, we are better to them and to each other.

Dusk is not just dusk.  It is a time of renewal.  It opens the doors to the transition period between daylight and dark.  The daylight says goodbye, and the darkness calls us forward.  As we step forward into the momentary blackness, we see a world we have never seen before.  It becomes new to us as we open our minds and allow in the beauty of the black.  Within it, mysterious shapes take on new meaning and become the steadfast points of footing that we call home.  The strange becomes the familiar, and the foreign becomes home.

Fantastical creatures change into realistic people and force their way into our minds through the ready acceptance of all things strange.  We do not have to deny them credence in order to define ourselves, because with or without them, we still are who we are.

Yet, their participation in our lives blends the two worlds and brings about changes manifested in the adherence to the structure of the formless formed.  The fog is lifted, and the night shines forth.

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