Starting from Scratch and Succeeding!

Here’s a view into my first years of teaching, 20 years ago:

From 1993-1997, I was hired by Guilford County Schools and Davidson County Schools to teach Spanish Enrichment and ESL (English as a Second Language) as an itinerant program at the elementary school level.

However, there was no established curriculum – only a list of goals & objectives.

At the first school, I was literally given a key to a vacant room in the basement, a child’s desk to sit at, a bag of multicolored plastic chain links, and access to a copier.

Starting from scratch, I designed curriculum and materials for the schools that I worked in.

Four years later, I left behind an office full of materials and a binder of curriculum for the next teachers to successfully use.

This experience allowed me to teach in 80 different classrooms, work with 80 different teachers, and educate 1500 students.

Find out more about Marty and get his books here


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