Day One and Day Opposite One

After pumping out the ideas and words for the most recent ebooks that are finished, I started feeling drained this week.  Not that there was a lack of words to write down or material to work on, but I didn’t have the motivation to write or edit a few times.  I realized today that I was feeling run down because I had given so much from my mind, and it needs to rest.

I’ve been persistent this week and wrote 1,ooo words per day on average.  That’s a good thing, because with that much getting onto the screen every day, then there’s potential for them to turn into finished books soon.

Whenever I’m not writing I feel like I should be.  At times, I feel like a fevered Beethoven of words or van Gogh with a typewriter.  The words pour on like sweat beads falling from the brow, filling up a wetted page.  Perhaps one day the words won’t come, but I doubt it.  They’ve been there since Day One, and I imagine they’ll continue to be a part of my life until Day Opposite One.

Tonight I write freely and openly.  Tomorrow I’ll return to structure needed to complete a bound unit of pages known as “a book”.

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