Words Passing Through

Words of the afternoon light filtered through the window, glided across the sill, and slipped into the room.  They met me where I sat.  They asked me why they came in from the outside and not from my heart.  I told them that since I didn’t originate them, they came in from some other source.  But because I could sense them, I was able to have a conversation with them and help them on their way.

During our chat we covered a lot of ground.  In a way, I could identify with those wandering bits of thought that passed through the window and into my house.  They brought with them a perspective from another dimension – the realm of the surrounding unseen.  To float through the air without physical texture, yet to have it all the same.  That’s what those words were showing me – beyond just showing up to ask directions.

A refocusing of sorts occurred on both our ends.  They were no longer wandering.  I was no longer wordless.  The meeting was good.  We both benefited from it.  They gained direction, and I gained this page full of their relatives.


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