BelieveDo (ch 22) – Tenacity

…adapted from Believe. Do. And Follow Through!

Chapter 22

Tenacity is stubbornness with a purpose.  In order to achieve different things, you need to have a certain amount of tenacity.  Most things aren’t going to be given to you, so you’ll have to work at them until you succeed.

Giving up along the way may seem like an option, but don’t take it.  Leave that for the people who are happy with the status quo.

When you’re tenacious, you’ll go the extra mile, do the extra part, or stand a little longer than other people will.  How badly you want something will add to your tenacity.  There’s not a magic formula for making yourself more tenacious, but tenacity does “kick in” when you need it.

It’s almost like a switch flips in your head – stubbornness makes you dig your heels into the ground, and the reason you’re fighting so hard keeps you focused on achieving your goal.  It just happens.  The primal part of your human spirit rises up out of the modern, technological fluff and overcomes all circumstances to win.

Nurses and doctors see it all the time with patients in hospitals who have a reason to live: they can literally be “on their deathbed” one day and be completely turned around the next.  The will to live kicks in and spurs on the rest of the body.  The body starts to fight and wins.

Patients who aren’t ready to die, yet, have the tenacity to overcome their situations and strike back at death’s calling.  They’ve harbored energy and have summoned strength from deep places.  They bring that fight to the surface and command their bodies to live.

The spirit is greater than the flesh, by far.  We command our bodies to be subject to the demands of the mind and can overcome all obstacles.

Live out the tenacity that’s already in you.  Let your spirit shine forth into the world and into the lives of others.

Be tenacious!

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