BelieveDo (ch 16) – Do Something – Don’t Just “Plan”

…from Believe. Do. And Follow Through!

Chapter 16

Lack of action is one of the greatest killers of success.  Some people are great planners, but they rarely follow through on what they “planned to do.”  Sound familiar?  How many lists of “things to do” do you have lying around your house?  Right now, go and get one of them.

Have it in hand?  Okay, pick something on the list, and go do it.  When you’re done, come back to this page…

Did you do something on the list?  If so, great!  Cross it out.  According to the 80/20 rule, you just proved that you’re part of the 20 percent of society who does 80 percent of the work, because you actually DID something.

Planning and planning and talking about doing something – without ever actually doing it – is enough to drive you batty.  A couple of my dear friends suffer from this condition.  They have great ideas, make detailed lists of things they’re “gonna” do, but never DO anything with them.

To me, that’s like planning a fun road trip without ever executing the plan.  How frustrating would that be?!  For example, if I’m going to drive from Charlotte to Atlanta, I don’t stay in my driveway, looking under the hood.  No!

Sure, I check the fluids, the tires, and everything else.  THEN, (here’s the key) I get in the car and DRIVE.  As long as I keep going, later that day I’ll be in Atlanta.  In order to get to my destination, I have to stop planning and start driving.

The same thing holds true for life.

Do something.


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