BelieveDo (ch 14) – Doing, with Purpose

…from Believe. Do. And Follow Through!

Chapter 14 (selection)

When people do things to simply justify their own existence, they have lost sight of their reasons for being here.  Living each day is more than just checking off your TO DO list, eating, and sleeping.  There are deeper meanings to the whole series of actions that occur physically and spiritually.

“Over the years at work, I’ve sometimes lost sight of my greater purpose in teaching, mentoring, etc.  My wife, Kristine, has always encouraged me to not give up on students, colleagues, or situations.  

Sometimes, it takes more convincing than others, but in the end, she always helps me to remember that the work I do each day doesn’t really matter – what matters is the lives of the people that I come in contact with…they matter.  

That reminder helps me re-center, mentally and spiritually.  It helps to be reminded that when I do the work I do, it’s with a greater purpose.  Thanks, Kristine!”   – Marty

Physiologically, connections are made between action and purpose.  The end results are lived-out activity, emotional connection, synapse creation, and creation of memory.  If you only look at the initial action, you’re missing the bigger picture.  If you remember the bigger picture – what your end result is – then, while you’re in the middle of the mundane actions, you’ll be able to maintain energy to finish the job.  May heaven help those who lose sight of the bigger picture.

Keep the bigger picture in mind.


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