BelieveDo (ch 3) – What’s Your “Why”?

[The following is an excerpt from the motivational book, Believe. Do. And Follow Through!, that I co-wrote with Isaiah Whittaker]

Chapter 3

If you know the “why,” you’ll figure out the “how.”

That’s a curious thought, isn’t it? But, it’s true.  If you know “why” you’re going to do something, then “how” to do it will fall into place, in due time.

That’s just it, though – a lot of people don’t know why they do things; why they’re going to do things; or why anybody else does things.  They don’t have a real reason for reaching a goal – so, a lot of times, they don’t.

However, when you give yourself a task to accomplish, your mind kicks into gear and tries to figure out ways to get it done.  That’s the subconscious mind at work – it doesn’t distinguish fact from fiction – it just absorbs.  On the other hand, your conscious mind has to have a valid reason to do something before it will support the energy necessary to achieve the goal.

• What’s your goal?
• What’s your “Why”?
• What’s the reason that you want to do it?
• What gets you out of bed in the mornings?
• What motivates you to work hard and to press onward when the going gets tough?
• Is it purely personal?
• Does it focus on others?
• Does it have greater depth than you realize?
• Will it carry you forward on its own waves of energy, long after the initial excitement has worn off?
• Is it something worth fighting for?

If it helps, write out your reason for wanting to do something.  Then, think about it.  Does what you wrote say what you thought it would?  If not, think some more, and rewrite it.

When it does say what you mean, then read it aloud so that your own ears hear you say it.  That way, both your subconscious and conscious minds can get to work.

Know your “why.”


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