Electric Fences and Your Tongue (poetry)

Some things go together
And some things don’t:

Creamed corn and tennis shoes?
Applesauce and mayonnaise?
Chocolate pudding and lima beans?
Rabbit fur and axle grease?
Turtles and tire tracks?
Piano keys and my friend?
Leather and thumb tacks?
Green beans and light bulbs?
Brains and my cousin?
Splinters and teeth?
Cow manure and bare feet?
Chuck and up?
Sandpaper and bottoms?
Tartar sauce and jelly?
Root beer and refried beans?
Lemonade and sauerkraut?
Greasy hair and a hot date?
Electric fences and your tongue?
Marshmallows and microwave ovens?

Like I said,
Some things go together,
And some things don’t.

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Booger Pie (poetry)

Booger pie
Wouldn’t be so bad
If it weren’t so salty.

A sprinkle of this,
A dash of that,
And all of it goes together.

Serve it warm
Or serve it cold
Still neither one is better

Maybe sugar
Is the trick
To balancing out the flavor.

Or could it be
That boogers are meant
For eating from your fingers?

Which would you pick?

…P.S. – My son says “crunchy ones” are better.

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