BelieveDo (ch 1) – Believe That You Can!

[The following is an excerpt from the motivational book, Believe. Do. And Follow Through!, that I co-wrote with Isaiah Whittaker]

“As a man thinks in his heart, so he is,” – an idea written thousands of years ago, still holds true, today.

What you think about yourself and about others will determine your beliefs, your actions, your moral character, and your outcomes in life.  It really will.  Just look around you.  The way that people live – where, how, and with whom – is determined by what they think about themselves and others.

If people think that they can succeed at something, they will.  If they think they’ll fail at something, they will.  Either way, determinations are made with the thoughts they have.

What do you think about yourself?

Along with internal perceptions, each of us has a purpose in life and the potential to fully achieve it.  How do you achieve your full potential in life?  By believing, doing, and following through on some key things.

It all starts with the right mindset.  If you have the right mindset, then the right beliefs and right actions will follow.  If you have in your mind the ideas that will propel you into success, you are on your way to achieving your full potential.

Before you determine what it is that you need to do to become successful, you have to determine what it is that you want:

  • What are you after?
  • What is it that you want to do?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • How do you want to live?
  • What kind of person do you want to turn into?
  • What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • Into whom do you want to invest time and energy?
  • Do you see the way you are to go?
  • Does your path seem clear?
  • Who do you need to come alongside of you to give you input, encouragement, and direction?
  • Who can you help as you’re growing in your purpose and determination?

All those things matter, because ultimately, they will help shape you into the person you need to become.

When we wait to do something because we’re afraid, we have just given in to the “screaming abdabs” (internal struggles) that mentally chase each of us.  When you say, “No,” to them and you no longer give them credence, then you have entered into the land of success and are walking on the road you were meant to traverse.

Most people stop short of their full potential by killing off the dreams they have with self-sabotaging thoughts.  But, when you purposefully put forth in your mind the ideas that will propel you along a path of success, you are adding to your belief that you can succeed in what you do.

You may not succeed at first, but if you continue…you will succeed!

Believe that you can!