BelieveDo (ch 8) – From Hoping to Knowing

[The following is an excerpt from the motivational book, Believe. Do. And Follow Through!, that I co-wrote with Isaiah Whittaker]

Chapter 8

Part of being successful is believing in yourself.   If you believe in yourself, then you’ll be able to believe in other people.  Most people truly believe that they’ll finish what they start, otherwise they wouldn’t start it.  So then, why don’t they finish it?  Something happens; life happens; something doesn’t come through on time; somebody forgets to do an important step; or they just get sidetracked by other things.  Whatever the reason is, it’s apparently enough to keep them from finishing what they started.

But, if they stop allowing themselves to be sabotaged by other people, other things, or themselves, then they’ll see a way to push through that obstacle and finish well.  That success will cause them to believe more strongly that they can accomplish something.  Then, they will start something, work through issues that arise, and finish that task.  Success leads to success and builds up the level of belief.  The process repeats itself, but with a higher level of confidence.

With increased belief comes an improved vision.  When you go from hoping that you’ll finish something, to knowing that you’ll finish it, your whole attitude changes!  You no longer dread starting a new task…you actually look forward to it.   Why?  Because you now have the perspective and knowledge of how to work through bumps in the road that may have stopped you before.

With every new success comes an increase in experience, tenacity, and self-assuredness.  All of those ingredients combine to improve your vision in life.  You can almost anticipate how something is going to turn out, because you take control of your part, instead of letting it idly cruise along.

Move from hoping to knowing.