Be Amazing

Sometimes I worry too much
What people think
What they don’t think
What they do
What they should do
And what they don’t do
That’s the part that really gets me –
When I know they should be doing more,
Doing something to help
The starving, poor people around the world
But they don’t do a damn thing to make a difference.

Instead they’re concerned about their cars,
Their hair, their bank accounts, and their houses.
It’s not like they’re gonna take any of that stuff with them when they die.
They’re gonna stay right there in the box, dead.
And the starving children
They could have helped
With all their money that went to estate taxes?
They died, too.

Don’t be like those people!
Do something good with your life!
Do more than just worry about your 401K
And how many times your gonna go to the movies this month.
YOUR life is more than that.
You were put here for a purpose.
Find out your purpose
And live out your purpose.
Find out why you were born
(If you haven’t already figured that part out)
And then go do something amazing
With the years of your life that you still have left in front of you.

You can only live life in forward motion.
There’s no reverse on the controls
It wasn’t built into the game plan.
Sort of like those video games on a tape drive
You could only move forward or to the side
Not back.
No going back
Only going forward
Only going on
Learning from what you’ve done and been through in the past
And turning that learning into wisdom.
Yep – you are wise
And you just didn’t even know it.
Be amazing.
You ARE amazing,
So be that way.

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