BelieveDo (ch13) – Just Do It

…from Believe. Do. And Follow Through!

Chapter 13

Everybody’s familiar with the NIKE slogan “Just Do It”!  Did NIKE get this right, or what?

First, they aimed their slogan at the shoes and clothes that people wear while they’re playing their favorite sports.  Then, NIKE surrounded itself with the world’s best athletes in order to associate their name with the greatest success.

How could they go wrong?

If you think about the NIKE slogan, “Just Do It” and how it applies to your own life, it’s the one thing that people need the most to get their lives going in the right direction.

How often do you tell yourself you’re going to make a change in your life, but you never get started because you have no earthly idea how to get started on making that change?  The best way to initiate change is to just do it!

Don’t let your mind go into excuse mode or say, “I’m going to do it…after I do [this or that].”  That’s one of the most common things you’ll hear people say about losing weight, too.  People who are planning to lose weight have long lists of things they are going to do…once they lose those 5, 10 or 20-pounds.  If you have lists of excuses, stop letting that be your crutch for not getting your life moving in the direction you want it to go.

“After I remarried, my wife and I developed a great motivational tool that we’ve used to keep our focus, on a yearly basis. We both write down five things we want to do in the coming year.  We post this on the back of our bathroom door.  You wouldn’t believe how this has motivated us.  

In the first year of trying it, we completed 8 of the 10 things on the list!  

How did we succeed? We held each other accountable for the list we made, and we served as a support system for each other.  Those two simple methods yielded fantastic results kept us focused on our goals.  

I encourage you to try this method to get your life moving in the direction you want it to go.”     – Isaiah

Do it!