Morning Dew (poetry)

A field laced with morning dew
Greeted my walk today
I wanted to linger – make it hold
But I could not stay

As I stood there, leaning in
I tried my best to hear
Hoping it would have the words
To always keep me near

It seemed to say in other ways
The callings of my heart
Yet I knew with grown up mind
The truths were miles apart

It said it would go its way
It would have to pass
And though it’s gone from daily frame
In my mind, it lasts.

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White Fire (poetry)

White fire lit up the ground
And burned in my mind’s eye.
I could see the burning land
But knew it was not I

Who had a way to put it out
Or even make it start
I was simply standing there
While it let me take part.

It coursed across the ground with speed
Flames were dancing near
Yet none ‘the grass expressed concern
That it would disappear

All the while, I reveled in
The burning of the land
Yet coursed itself below the fire
Allowing none to stand.

As the sun in East did rise
White fire left my sight
And in that moment then I knew
It was the morning light.

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Dottedly Connected (poetry)

Dottedly connected,
The small, black circles
Surround the coffee cup
And give contour to it
Beyond just its basic structure.
They wrap around
Form the connection
Between here and out there.
They permeate the unknown
And come back to show me
That there is purpose in this life.

A repeating pattern
Of an interlinking chain,
They work together
To make the forces
And the purposes
And the beauty
All work together.

Painted on and kilned,
They’ve become part of what the cup is –
Not only a holder of all things wonderful
But a thing of beauty, as well.
To become the thing it was meant to,
And to just… be.

# # #

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Next Book of Poems Being Published

My next book of poems is being published!  Will be released in the next few weeks!  “Geese Will Fly” is an eclectic collection that is heartwarming, intriguing, mind-blowing, inviting, and encouraging!

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More to come shortly!

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It strikes the land and slices wind
It courses through the air
As thunder rolls across the sky
To meet us standing there

There is a time for all to die
To see the end is near
But living daily well and strong
We have no death to fear

Fear not upon a mighty blow
The bough has broken nigh
And in the sky above us all
There is a heaven high

High on the treetops there be gold
And silver worth of joy
To see them swaying in the breeze
A smile my lips employ

Employ the lift of joy-filled songs
To recreate the light
As thunderous lightning fills the sky
Well in the dark of night

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Loving Every Bit of It

Poetry that rocks the world
Stemming the tide that seeks the waves
All in the movement
The movement of the ages
Seeing the grandeur of the moments
And loving every bit of it.

Expressing in words
The meant-to-be’s
And the where-for-not’s
And the other things
That we think of one moment
And forget the next –
The things we wished we’d remembered,
In order to get them done in a timely fashion
Yet, other things took over
And put themselves in front of the others
Making themselves out to be the best,
The most important,
And the do-me-right-now things
That came to the forefront of our minds.

That’s what poetry is:
It rocks the world
Stems the tide that seeks the waves
Sees the grandeur of this moment
And loves every bit of it.

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Held Ransomed

To see an answer held ransomed
By a thought lost in time
Is to see an inheritance lost
By skipping a generation
And proceeding down the wrong road
From where the beginner sent it off.

Why are words the things that seem plentiful
In the midst of lots of other ideas
That seem to get pushed aside
Or unattainable?

Words persist
In spite of everything else.
They cannot be shaken
They cannot be forsaken
They cannot be done without
For they do me from within.

A fresh awakening
Awaits the listener
For in the midst of the words,
There is life
And gain
And justice
Not just a turning of verse
For the pleasing of the ear
But a deepening from the listening
That will open up doors.

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Midnight Rambles, Soul Machine

Midnight rambles
Were the soul machine.
They cast us deep into the night
With music calling all around.
They beckoned to all
And pulled at some more specifically,
Wanting them to join in the fun.
Midnight music
Played any time of day
Is the kind of music
Destined to make friends with your soul.
It’s a machine
But it’s not
And it calls from within
To reach the without.

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A Blinking of the Eyes

Do not apologize for your good actions.
Simply be the hope you want to find in others.
For in being it to others,
You help them find what they are looking for.
When they see that someone will help
Suddenly, their perspective will change
And you’ll wake up to a different world
You live in.

Destitution does not have to be the norm.
Instead, it can be pursued into the dark
And banished
Forbidden to return to it earlier place
Of occupancy
In your heart.

Death will reign for only a moment
And the passing from one place to the other
Will seem as a blinking of the eyes.
Awakening in fields of yellow,
The glowing will not cease
When you pass from this dream
Into your wakefulness.

Spirit beings having human experiences –
Created in the thought of heaven
Yet put in the ideas of earth.
Placed in places of passing
To trespass on our own souls
For a moment
Before seeing what lies before us,
In us,
And around.

They cause us to see not
What we were meant to see,
But what we chose to be
In the heat of the moment
And the loss of consciousness of our actions
That would prove out to be fatal,
If we did not correct course
And utterly abandon the hopelessness
We had so assuredly latched on to.
There is a way –
Ask for it –
It will appear.

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