Loving Every Bit of It

Poetry that rocks the world
Stemming the tide that seeks the waves
All in the movement
The movement of the ages
Seeing the grandeur of the moments
And loving every bit of it.

Expressing in words
The meant-to-be’s
And the where-for-not’s
And the other things
That we think of one moment
And forget the next –
The things we wished we’d remembered,
In order to get them done in a timely fashion
Yet, other things took over
And put themselves in front of the others
Making themselves out to be the best,
The most important,
And the do-me-right-now things
That came to the forefront of our minds.

That’s what poetry is:
It rocks the world
Stems the tide that seeks the waves
Sees the grandeur of this moment
And loves every bit of it.

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