God’s Fortresses

God’s fortresses will strengthen you when you are in the middle of the darkest nights of the soul.  There will appear to you at times in your life unfathomable depths of despair.  However – do not give up.  Do not give in to the temptation to quit.  God didn’t call you to a place of holiness for you to quit.  Life will lie to you at times.  That’s all part of the process of living and of living this dream we call life.  In the midst of all that, God will light a match for you.  And in utter darkness, that single, solitary match will flood your heart with light and ignite the indomitable spirit that dwells in you and makes you who you are.

Do not quit.  Give yourself a chance to win.  The world is looking for people who will endure, persevere, and come out on the other side stronger.  They desperately want to see a success story.  They want to know that they, too, can make it.  Be that source of strength to others.  Be that example of undying love.  Speak peace to everyone you meet.  Be the peace you want to see in others.  Let God’s light shine in you and through you.  Be a funnel that flows goodness to all.

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