To the Sky We Seek

When mortal man walks across terrestrial earth, he looks into the cosmos to see any connection between the learned and the unlearned.  In the heavens, he seeks the answers to his questions.  He sees them, yet has trouble putting the answers into words.  He senses the completeness to his questioning, but is unable to understand.  Complexity detours his understanding, yet he persists anyway, continuing his search to know the unknown.

In the nighttime hours, he walks through his own mind in search of the missing words that will fill in the blanks and complete his thoughts.  He thinks back through all of the information he has poured into over the years, sifting through and sorting its immensity, knowing fully well that once the material makes sense, he can act in complete confidence.  Lack of knowledge will hurt him, as it has in the past.

Yet, when the information is taken in and understood, the grappling will cease and fruition will unfold.  The words are there, if he can find them.  Once the picture is assembled with its stories, background, fore-focus, and imminently important details, the realization of any missing pieces will be reckoned with and acquired.

Oh, the glorious day of understanding!  The joy of the journey!  What a magnificent journey it has been, and what a glorious road it will continue to be!

The sky releases its answers.  The hidden becomes seen.  We stand before the Almighty, and glimpse into the Throne Room, where all shall be revealed.

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